Physical Therapists Center

Specialized in treating Muscle Pain, Joints, Spine Sports , Neuro and Pediatrics Injuries

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Please call during working hours to book an appointment, or send us a WhatsApp message on 0530286727 and we will get back to you directly the next day.

Olaya Branch

   : Dabab Street, Facing King Fahed Medical City

 : 0112930010

 : info@ptcsaudi.com

   : Location Map

AlMalga Branch

   : King Fahed Road, Facing AlJazira Newspaper building

 : 0112121199

 : info@ptcsaudi.com

   : Location Map

Working Hours

 : Saturday to Wednesday from 09:00am till 10:00pm

 : Thursday from 09:00am till 08:00pm

 : Friday : OFF

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